Isn’t Driving a Motorized Beer Cooler Literally Driving OVER The Influence?

drunk driving on motorized beer cooler

Driving under the influence laws are global. This story comes from Noosa, Australia. Noosa happens to be a particularly beautiful part of Australia – slightly subtropical and fairly lush – it’s definitely NOT the Outback. We all know partying and

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Why Attorneys Should Never Lose Or Change Domains Names

credit card expired

One thing we have here at is a lot of data on attorney practices from around the country. And one thing we’re noticing over the years is how many attorney websites go offline. This isn’t good for your practice.

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What’s In Store for 2015

We’re planning on starting a blog designed to help DUI attorneys with online marketing. We will be covering SEO, Social Media, and network marketing. Be sure to stay tuned to learn from the best!

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