Isn’t Driving a Motorized Beer Cooler Literally Driving OVER The Influence?

drunk driving on motorized beer cooler

Driving under the influence laws are global. This story comes from Noosa, Australia. Noosa happens to be a particularly beautiful part of Australia – slightly subtropical and fairly lush – it’s definitely NOT the Outback.

We all know partying and paradise is a common theme – and to no one’s surprise, another party animal engaging in drunken antics has received a driving under the influence violation.

A man was stopped on a motorized beer cooler (yes, those are a thing) and arrested. One could say he was literally driving over the influence, assuming there was alcohol stored in the beer cooler at the time of the arrest.

The Lesson

Just because you’re not driving down the road in a typical “car”, doesn’t mean you’re not subject to motor vehicle laws and regulations.

It may be funny to you and your friends to drive down the street in a motorized beer cooler, while having a few drinks – but remember, the police may not find it funny. It’s definitely not worth the headache of a DUI.

The best bet is to remain sober when operating any kind of machinery: Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, aircraft, moped, tractor or lawnmower. Not only will you avoid any bizarre scenario where you might get a DUI (or any kind of drunk driving offense), more importantly, you’ll remain safe and alive!

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